YMCA - Campaigns

The South Shore YMCA brings activity and programing that strengthens and betters the communities they serve. It is a charity organization that depends on donations and gifts to serve. These campaign materials help to promote giving in person, via mail and online.


Print, Digital & Web


The South Shore YMCA


Reaching out to the community to show the good the 

At the entrance and through the pre-event space, we designed floor graphics, 10' posters, circular banners and wall clings to continue visual branding and helped to communicate the client's message.

Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 4.30.22 PM.png

Social Media

Expanding into social media before and after the event to further extent the Chamber's message and reach to the event attendees and future members completes brand follow through.


Digital Wall and Marquee

A BIG welcome greeted guests as they viewed the giant video wall and marquee when they entered the convention center. We brought the brand of the event to life creating video storyboards that conveyed the message and presented sponsors and event speakers.