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Bay Cove Human Services

Powerful work needs a strong message. 

Every day, Bay Cove Human Services makes a positive difference in people's lives by working with those who struggle with addiction, homelessness, mental health challenges, and various other needs. As a non-profit organization, it's important to showcase the tremendous impact they're making in our communities to current and prospective donors. To stand out from other great causes, Bay Cove needs a clear and compelling visual story.


That's where Mirage Design comes in! We partnered with Bay Cove to create pieces that communicate the incredible work they do in a beautiful and straightforward way. From the look and feel of fundraising galas to annual reports that review the progress made and the impact created, we created a cohesive and visually appealing message. We're proud to have collaborated with Bay Cove to tell their inspiring story.

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Annual Reports





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Shown:  Bay Cove Human Services 2018 Annual Report

Shown:  Bay Cove Human Services 2019 Annual Report

As a nonprofit doing incredible work, Nay Cove Human Services relies on the support of their donors every year. To show their appreciation for these individuals and organizations, they hold beautiful and powerful galas. As their design partner, we work closely with the event planner to create a cohesive visual identity for all event materials, ranging from save-the-dates to the programs and presentations on the night of the celebration. It's an honor to collaborate with Bay Cove to help them express their gratitude and showcase their important mission.

Shown:  Changing Lives Gala Program, Asian Inspired Menu, Posters, Banners, Invitation and Perforated Auction Bid Card