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The Color of Baseball in Boston Banner Mirage Design

The Color of Baseball in Boston

Baseball stories brought to life. 

The Museum of African American Museum showcased an exhibit that told the history of black baseball players and teams that had largely been forgotten in the Boston area. It featured original uniforms, bats, gloves, photos, and articles that highlighted the achievements of these sporting heroes before the advent of the big leagues.

Our goal for this exciting project was to create materials that would enhance the overall experience of the exhibit by providing it with a unique visual identity. We designed narrative boards to tell the stories of these baseball players and teams, and created descriptive panels that delved deeper into the details of the artifacts. Additionally, we provided maps, lists, and banners to help polish and round out the exhibit. It was an absolute honor to have been part of this incredible peek into sporting history.

Scope of Work

Descriptive Panels

Artifact Descriptions




Shown:  Wall panels, banners artifact descriptions designed for The Color of Baseball in Boston Museum Exhibit at the Museum of African American Museum


Bay Cove Human Services

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