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Knowing who we work with is our first priority. Get to know us so that we can build together.

At Mirage Design, we prioritize getting to know our clients first. By building relationships with corporate leaders, event planners, and marketing agents, we're able to create strategic designs that exceed expectations and build strong visual branding.

Our process combines classic design principles, creative thinking, and visual strategy to produce targeted and beautiful results across a range of mediums, from digital campaigns to event videos to print collateral.

We pride ourselves on becoming experts in understanding the unique needs and goals of the organizations we work with. By working closely with our clients, we're able to design products that not only look great, but are also strategic and driven by results. Let's build together and create something amazing!

Lynette Allaire

Owner / Designer

Lynette is the owner and lead designer at Mirage Design, with an unwavering attention to detail and a talent for turning great ideas into beautiful and effective designs. Whether it's a striking event invitation that pops in both print and digital, or eye-catching point-of-purchase displays for storefronts, Lynette's classic design skills, creativity, and knack for understanding her clients' message and objectives shine through.

When she's not busy designing, Lynette loves to explore the vibrant music scene and food scene in New England. She's also a huge Blondie fan and enjoys spending time outdoors with her two awesome sons, going on hikes, camping trips, and admiring old architecture.

Mark DaPonte


How do we find a different way to deliver our message? Mark loves when a client asks this question. Finding the not so obvious solution to a project is what makes it standout, makes it fun and makes it powerful. Mark has a way of "thinking the opposite" to do just that.

He elevates the design process to develop creative and innovative solutions that don't break the budget. Building giant alphabet blocks from scratch in-house for an event? Sure! Designing a brochure that the client and the recipient interact with? Of course! If it is going to be highly effective for the client, Mark is in!

When he's not busy being a design wizard, Mark loves to unwind with a good game of Dungeons & Dragons, spend time camping in the great outdoors, and hang out with his family.

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