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Portion Meat - King 'n Queen Packaging

Keeping true to the original. Upon hearing that the owners of Portion Meats wished to update the logo of their King 'n' Queen brand burgers without altering the original hand-drawn design, we were initially perplexed. Why not a completely different logo? The visual identity of the brand had been established since its inception, and they were keen to preserve its historical significance.

Scope of Work

Visual Brand Renovation


Over time, the existing logo had been reproduced in various ways, causing the open spaces to fill in and the King and Queen's faces to become a bit distorted. But, despite this, the logo still had a lot of character and a charming feel that perfectly captured the company's long-standing legacy.

We fell in love with the unique and charming elements of the logo, including its distinctive colors, playful shape, and whimsical drawing style. So, we set out to refresh the visual brand while staying true to the logo's quirky retro style that made it so unforgettable. Our goal was to bring a fresh new energy to the brand, while keeping its original character intact.

We gave the logo a fresh new look by sprucing up the illustrations and updating the typeface, while still keeping the original colors, patterns, and quirky vibe intact. But that's not all - we also made sure to work closely with our client every step of the way to ensure that their goals and vision were reflected in the final design. At Mirage Design, we believe in the power of collaboration and strive to create custom designs that truly capture each client's unique style and brand identity.

On the Shelves

Once we completed the logo refresh for our client's classic brand, we turned our attention to creating new packaging for their popular hamburger boxes. Our goal was to give the packaging a modern look while still staying true to the brand's roots. We carefully selected colors, typography, and graphic elements that would capture the essence of the brand and appeal to a wide range of customers.

The final designs feature bold graphics and playful typography that draw the eye and convey the fun and enjoyment of eating a delicious hamburger. We created packaging for both the 12-piece and 20-piece boxes. The boxes are made of sturdy materials that are both sustainable and visually appealing.

We're proud to say that our designs have been a hit with our client and their customers. The new packaging has helped our client stand out on store shelves and attract new customers to their brand. We look forward to continuing to work with our client to create innovative designs that help them grow and succeed in the competitive marketplace.

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

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