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Tufts University / The Africana Center

Community Driven Design Inspiration

When crafting design solutions for Tufts University's Africana Center, our focus is unwaveringly on preserving the creative spirit of the students who inhabit the space. Stepping into the building for the first time immerses you in the vibrant energy and imagination cultivated by a strong community. The lobby is adorned with professional art pieces, ranging from sculptures to illustrations, alongside spontaneous creations like drawings and poems contributed by students each day.

Art serves as a vital conduit within the Center, fostering contemplation, learning, and, above all, celebration. To pay homage to the sense of community, our collateral design mirrors the colors, shapes, and visual identity organically shaped by the students. The brochures, event materials, and signage draw inspiration from patterns, textures, and depth found in the artistic pieces throughout the building.

Scope of Work

Event Logo and Visual Brand

Programs and Booklets

Large Format Signage

Wall Graphics

Brochures and Handouts

In-office Signage

Shown:  Black Women's Empowerment Conference roll up banners designed for a weekend event

Founded in 1969, the Africana Center addresses the unique needs of students of African descent. It enhances the university's academic mission by providing access to diverse resources, fostering a successful Tufts experience, and preparing students for leadership in various professional realms. Find out more Here.

Shown:  Award plaque created for honorees at a yearly event. The piece was laser embossed and diecut and layered with red metallic and magnetic materials to create and award that could be placed on cubicles and other metallic services.  

Shown:  Four panel general brochure created to describe the amenities and purpose of the Tufts University Africana Center

Shown:  Greater Boston Chamber membership guide, Summer Reception logo, banner and social media, Holiday Reception glowing tabletop displayand standing sponsor sign and Pacesetter Impact Report booklet.

Interpretive Signage