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Interpretive & Historic Signage

History is all around us. There is no shortage of stories to tell when it comes to historic locations. Historic and Interpretive signage connects and strengthens the readers perceptions of those stories and the location. The purpose of these signs is to make visitors excited about something they had not thought about before.

Working on these interpretive signs is a guilty pleasure for us. Sometimes we are learning about amusement parks and boardwalks when working on the Nantasket Beach Reservation. The next project may have us digging into the history  of revolutionary era forts and the defense of colonial Boston harbor. Whatever interpretive sign we are working on we get to share in the history that the visitor to the location is going to learn. 


These signs are bold, easy to read and designed to stand up to the elements. They add to the experience of local tourism and they are really fun to work on.

Scope of Work

Historic Sight Signage

Educational Signage

Self Guided Tours


Interpretive Signage

Shown:  Nantasket Beach Reservation Signage

Shown:  Amusement Row interpretive sign designed and placed to explain the Historic Paragon Park boardwalk and one of the last places where the Fascination game could be played for money.

Shown:  The Art Walk in Hull, MA celebrates the deep rooted art community in this beautiful waterfront town.

Protecting History

Fining the best location for historic signage can often be a challenge. The environment around the sign can be historic, delicate or protected. This includes the view, historic structures and sometimes the ground that it is placed on. When creating signage for The Old North Church, Fort Revere and the Ben Franklin Institute of Technology we had to consider this along with presenting the message in a clear and beautiful way.

Shown:  Ben Franklin Institute of Technology lobby history panel, Old North Church campus map and the Fort Revere Telegraph Hill interpretive Sign

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce