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Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology Photo wall Mirage Design

Benjamin Franklin
Institute of Technology

A message that is innovative, practical and career-ready. 

At the heart of the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology's mission is the goal of preparing students for success through personalized, tailored education. We embraced this message wholeheartedly as we designed materials for the college, infusing every element with the Institute's core values.


Drawing inspiration from the school's rich history and its diverse, hardworking student body, we created course materials, marketing campaigns, and student information packets that helped set the Institute apart from other higher education institutions in the state. Our designs were crafted with care and attention to detail, and we were honored to contribute to the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology's ongoing mission of student success.

Scope of Work

Outdoor Signage

Lobby Signage



Financial Aid Folder and Inserts 

Welcome Packets

Large Format Pieces


Course Catalogs


Branding Guidelines

Website Assets

Social Networking Assets

Powerpoint Presentations

Several Marketing Campaigns including: Print Ads, Digital Leaderboard Ads, Pandora Ads, MBTA Posters, Bus Advertisements, and Digital Signs.

Shown:  MBTA Marketing Campaign pieces and outdoor signage

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology Opticianry.png

Shown:  Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology Career Guides 

From classes to careers

At the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, students are inspired to build successful careers from the moment they step through the doors. With this philosophy in mind, we created marketing materials that showcase the Institute's many success stories in a clear, concise manner.

Our designs incorporate engaging infographics and informative narratives presented in easily digestible text blocks. By prioritizing the most important information, we help prospective students learn about the Institute's unique offerings and achievements without getting bogged down in unnecessary details. We're proud to have helped the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology share its inspiring legacy with a wider audience.


Portion Meats Packaging

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